Mission Statement

The Finishing Trades Institute of New England (FTI-NE) is a postsecondary educational institution dedicated to developing professional tradespeople, advancing their skills, and certifying their qualifications. 

Our students include commercial and industrial painters, drywall finishers, glaziers, and sign and display workers.

The FTI-NE exists to serve several purposes:
  • To supply our signatory contractors with highly skilled workers including apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, project managers, and more.
  • To provide career advancement through a combination of classroom instruction along with shop and field experiences.
  • To provide continuing education and training in the form of journeyperson continuing education classes.
With 2 state-of-the-art training centers, we specialize in complete training for coating application specialists, commercial painter and wall coverers, drywall finishers, glaziers, sign and display workers and specialty trades.

Individuals are afforded a comprehensive curriculum and unequaled training.
The understanding that acquiring vital trade-specific skills and developing good work ethic is impressed upon our students. These standards are necessary in securing and maintaining fair wages, health and pension benefits, and favorable working conditions.

Elevate Your Career


Joseph Calci Training Center

25 Colgate Road
Roslindale, MA 02131

Richard Mauro Training Center
34 Commercial Drive
Brentwood, NH 03833

We protect our apprentices and journeypersons.

We take safety seriously. Apprentices are required to take 10 hours of OSHA training, CPR training, respirator medical clearance, fall protection, scaffold training, aerial lift training, and more specialized safety coursework.

Health and safety skills set you on a path to:

Robust health


Peace of

Members can register for continuing safety training at any time.

Register for a Health and Safety class today.