Painter (Commercial)

Commercial painters apply paint and decorative finishes to residential, commercial, and other structures. Our apprentices are carefully and expertly trained to improve the appearance of the structure along with keeping it safe from damage.

Painter, Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist
(PICLAS: Industrial Painter)

From massive bridges to skyscrapers, an industrial painter applies techniques to prepare substrates for coating and lining application. They will use industry-specific techniques to apply coatings to protect the structures and build a strong and long-lasting foundation.

Drywall Finisher

A drywall finisher might work in the commercial or residential industry for a subcontractor or a general construction company to create perfect and flawless walls on every construction site. A drywall finisher seals joints between plasterboard and other wallboards to prepare wall surfaces for painting or papering.


Beautiful glass buildings are completed by highly-trained, competent glaziers. Glaziers are responsible for cutting and installing glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, and display cases, or on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops.